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Tanz und Theater ergeben eine perfekte Kombination um eine Geschichte spannend darzustellen.
Aber was wollen wir denn zeigen?

Gemeinsam mit euch d.h. Mädchen und Jungen zwischen 6 und 14 Jahren wollen wir an vier Wochenenden, tanzen, schauspielern, viel Spaß haben und mit euch beten. Denn um das Beten geht es in diesem Tanztheater. Die vielen verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, wie Menschen auf der Welt beten, ganz besonders das Vater Unser.

Am Ende der Proben habt ihr die Möglichkeit euer Können in unserer Show vor Publikum zu zeigen.
Aufführung ist am 23.10. um 15.30 Uhr in der Auferstehungskirche

Teilnehmerbeitrag: 10 €

Anmeldung und Info: Wilma Schwarz

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Air Jordan designers are known to cook up their designs from their own real lives and hobbies which form their inspirations. These nike air jordan fusions 5 not only have a striking and stylish outer appearance but also provide a great level of comfort to basket ball players. Air Jordan shoes are so popular that they are a collector's item.This package has Air Jordan Retro V model in two colour combinations. The Beginning Moments package was released in April 2007 while the uAir Jordan Spizike in October 2006.

However, captures the kind of attention when it sparkles in the light, then you were born to wear a Tiffany necklace cross.You can use the tiffany chain link ring cross with most things - probably including sportswear, if you are wearing something decent for the gym.And that's really the best of this type of Tiffany Jewelry - it looks easy to remove, easy to shoot, and lets you decide on the options of your jewelry in seconds, giving you extra time to work on the rest of his team or makeup.

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The fabulous founder of these boots is Brian Smith and, Uggs firstly made it big in America where surfers on the sunny shores of Southern California used them to keep their feet warm. Now celebrity fashionistas have snapped up a pair of read more about us for women.Uggs also come in a variety of colours, including chestnut, blue, fuchsia, black, and pink, all to suit your favourite colour pallet.

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Although Louboutin is famous for his stilettos, he still designs some types of flat shoes, without platforms and buy bianca 140mm patent black christian louboutin pumps which are very comfortable and suitable for those who won't want to wear Louboutin pumps. With their particular designs, once you wear them in the public you can still be the most shinning star there.

The jewelry, is the necessary of each woman now. Pay more attention to Tiffany, you will get many surprises here. If you like it, you can click tiffany bracelet , is that perfect?Whether it is at banquets or in the office, you can wear it. Snow-like purity and fairy-tale fantasy are strongly reflected through Tiffany designs.How charming Tiffany jewelers are! With Tiffany jewelry you can be a state person in other eyes.

You should be looking to choose exploring, Tissot designer watches are most effective timepieces to get with a person. If you happen to be in exercise sessions, timing the sessions are from the utmost value. tissot pr100 ladies have divided timing, lap timing and also other helpful features to obtain you inside gear to your workouts. And each one of these technology does not take from the the their appearance of the Tissot.

And you will purchase Tory Burch concerning the net for fast consider and quick offering. just appear the recognized tory burch ella tote sale on the internet store. With Tory Burch contributing the ask for of bargain-hungry place shoppers, labels injury their fees for some work-week sample profit actions.

I think the fact that uggs traditional boots purchase can be the best assortment on this chilly winter.The ugg Australia brand determine was founded 30 many years ago by an intrepid Australian surfer and his bag of lookup bootsshoesoutletshop. In celebration with this occasion, we are proud to introduce this Ugg limited Edition boot. It is handcrafted traditionally from plush Grade-A sheepskin and features an iconic braid pattern produced exclusively for our 30th Anniversary Collection.

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